Ah vacation….

How many of us don’t sometimes wish we could escape the hustle, bustle, & day-to-day responsibilities of our normal lives for a week of fun and relaxation somewhere far, far away?

The truth is that for many of us a traditional vacation is not always in the cards. Between restaurants, hotels, and transportation, travel costs can add up fast especially when those costs are multiplied for a family. And even when the cost isn’t a factor, sometimes health concerns or work obligations prevent us from leaving town anytime the urge strikes.

But that doesn’t mean when Spring Break or summer vacation time rolls around and the kids are home from school that you can’t still have a great time! This year, why not plan a vacation in your own home town? A true STAYCATION is more than just a week at home; it is an intentional time of fun and relaxation for your whole family. It does take a little effort to do it right, but can ultimately be just as satisfying as going somewhere far away.

Here the Lake Land Country Club offers you two night and three days fun filled STAYCATION for your family during winter, summer and Puja school holidays. You can participate in more than thirty varieties of events and activities. Just make one call and reserve your STAYCATION voucher, rest we will do for you.

Some ground rules:

The point of a STAYCATION is to make it feel as much like a real family getaway as possible, without leaving the comfort of your home town. Thus, to make sure the whole family is on the same page, it is good to start with some ground rules that everyone can agree on. Start with deciding exactly when your vacation at your next door starts and ends, and then set a few guidelines for what your family may and may not do during this time. These could include all or some of the following:

  • No smart phone
  • No email
  • No computer or video games
  • No television
  • No working from home
  • No worrying
  • No fighting
  • Family time only—no independent activities or outside plans
  • No cooking
  • No cleaning
  • No laundry

PLAN for fun!!!!!!

Just like a real vacation, the more you plan for fun, the more successful your STAYCATION is likely to be. Start by setting a reasonable, realistic budget for your family to a short trip. Set some money aside for activities, eating out, and perhaps even paying for a splurge or two such as paying for a house cleaner or treating yourself to a massage or pedicure at a local spa.

Get Creative:

Chances are there, are dozens of fun things to do in your own hometown with the association of Lake Land Country Club that you either never have time for, or don't even think about because they are so close by.

Try Geo-catching, Paintballing or Laser Tag, Enjoy Your Local open Theatre, Visit a Nearby Amusement Park, Host a Family Board Game Tournament, Theme Restaurant or Dinner Theatre, Go Paddle boating or Canoeing, Create Your Own Art, Get Wet, Tackle a family project, Host Your Own Film Festival, Give Yourselves a Makeover, Find a Local Festival or Play Outside.


Presented by the Lake Land Country Club

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